Membership and Subscription



Membership to the society Friends of the Archaeological Textiles Newsletter is according to the statues of August 2007 given to the subscribers of the issues ATN and ATR. Institutional subscribers are not given membership.

Since 2020 ATN/ATR has been a full open access journal, and access to the journal is no longer restricted to the members. We therefore update the membership lists and anyone interested in archaeological textile research can be included in the society.


To apply for a personal membership please fill in the following template and return it to


Full Name


Street and number

Postal code



Affiliation (optional)

Textile interests











The membership will be valid on the day the applicant receives a confirmation from the ATN/ATR Board. The membership will be valid until a written notice is received by the ATN/ATR Board. Further membership obligations including the membership fee will be announced on the next AGM.    


Friends of the Archaeological Textiles Newsletter receive no credit card og any other information about the customers using the University of Copenhagen webshop system. The membership information is kept in a secure manner by the society Friends of the ATN. We do not pass on membership information to third parties.


All information about the society is communicated via this homepage.