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Current Issue


Number 64





Threads and reused textiles as decorative itemsin Deir el-Medina, Egypt

Chiara Spinazzi-Lucchesi


Textile from the Crannog: analyses and weave experiment of a 2/1 twill weave from Oakbank, Scotland, 400 BCE

Susanna Harris, Frances Houston and Jason Oliver


Missing Link – Early Roman textiles and Norican-Pannonian female dress from Potzneusiedl, Austria

Kayleigh Saunderson, Karina Grömer and Lucia C. Formato


A chieftain’s colourful garments: microinvasive analy-sis of Norwegian Snartemo V textiles

Krista Wright, Maarten R. van Bommel, Tuija Kirkinen,Jenni Suomela, Jani Seitsonen and Janne Ruokolainen


Three objects catalogued as vantsöm in the collectionsof the Museum der Kulturen in Basel, Switzerland

Cary Karp and Anne Marie Decker


Fulled red hose: a grave find from Ravattula Ristimäkiin south west Finland dated to the early 13th century

Jaana Riikonen and Juha Ruohonen


Shirts for life and eternity in the grave of Bishop Peder Winstrup (1605–1679)

Pernilla Rasmussen


Norwegian double-cloth: warp-weighted loom experiments in a complicated technique

Katherine L. Larson and Marta Kløve Juuhl



Fashioning Sudan. Archaeology of Dress along the Middle Nile

Elsa Yvanez


Textile production in the Western Mediterranean: Phoenician and Punic contexts between the 9th and2nd centuries BCE

Nina Ferrante


Deciphering the pattern of the tablet-woven band on the tunic from Thorsberg

Sylvie Odstrčilová


Textile Resources in Viking Age Landscapes (TRiVal)

Eva Andersson Strand


Unpicking the Bacton Altar Cloth: innovative methodologies for interpreting embroidered textile artefacts

Challe Hudson, Cynthia Jackson, Natalie Bramwell-Booth, Christine Carnie and Jennifer Worrall


The Ghastly Garment: a knitted waistcoat associated with King Charles I

Jane Malcolm-Davies and Beatrice Behlen


TEX-KR project: from textile remains to lost practices, investigating the textile material culture of conflict of the Khmer Rouge regime

Magali An Berthon


EuroWeb COST Action ‘Europe through Textiles. Network for an integrated and interdisciplinary Humanities’

Agata Ulanowska, Francisco B. Gomes, Alina Iancu, Christina Margariti, Paula Nabais, Marie-Louise Nosch, Louise Quillien, Francesco Meo, Hana Lukesova and Magdalena Woźniak



Reconstructing Textiles and their History

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert


Margrethe Hald and the Nordic History of Textile Research

Anne Drewsen


Smart Textiles from Antiquity to Modern Times

Audrey Gouy


DRESSED: The Widespread Role of Clothes, Textile Production and Clothing Concepts in Society

Ulrike Beck and Martin Jess


28th European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) Annual Meeting

Ulla Mannering


VIII Purpureae Vestes International Symposium

Chiara Spinazzi-Lucchesi


Missing Persons: who were the typical Tudors?

Jane Malcolm-Davies


Current Research in Textile Archaeology along the Nile

Chiara Spinazzi-Lucchesi



Audrey Henshall 1927-2021

John Peter Wild


Annelies Goldmann 1936-2022

Johanna Banck-Burgess, Eva-Maria Pfarr and Antje Goldmann


Anne Reichert 1935-2022

Johanna Banck-Burgess, Sabine Karg, Helmut Schlichtherle, Wolfram Schier and Renate Ebersbach


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Number 63







Textile fibres from the Caleta Vitor Archaeological Complex, northern Chile

Tracy Martens


Problems with Greek clothing terminology

Quentin Richard


Nubian textile features: wool fragments from Hisn al-Bab and a tunic from Fag el-Gamus, Egypt

Anne Kwaspen


Raincoats or riches? Contextualising vararfeldir through multi-perspective experiments

Julia Hopkin


Golden textiles from Gokstad

Marianne Vedeler


Viking Age textiles and tapestries: drawings by Miranda Bødtker

Lise Bender Jørgensen, Dagfinn Moe and Hana Lukesova


The textile bog find from Vong in Denmark

Ulla Mannering, Charlotte Rimstad and Irene Skals


Reconstructions revived: a handweaver’s personal perspective

Anna Nørgård


Margrethe Hald: the quest for the tubular loom

Ulrikka Mokdad and Morten Grymer-Hansen




EgYarn: Unravelling the thread: textile production in New Kingdom Egypt

Chiara Spinazzi-Lucchesi


Knowledge sharing: a newly found 2,700-year-old tablet-woven band from Hallstatt, Austria

Karina Grömer, Silvia Ungerechts and Hans Reschreiter


Unravelling Nubian funerary practices: textiles and body wrappings in ancient Sudan

Elsa Yvanez


Metallic idiophones 800 BCE to 800 CE in Central Europe: their function and acoustic influence in daily life

Karina Grömer, Kayleigh Saunderson and Beate Maria Pomberger


RECONTEXT: Reconstructing the history of Egyptian textiles from the first millennium CE at the National Museum of Denmark

Maria Mossakowska-Gaubert


Unwrapping the Galloway Hoard

Susanna Harris and Martin Goldberg


Fashioning the Viking Age: status after the first three years

Ulla Mannering


All the goods of the earth: making and marketing in the pre-Mongol marketplace

Corinne Mühlemann




THEFBO: the significance of archaeological textiles

Mila Andonova and Karina Grömer


Textiles and Seals: carving out a new research field and weaving data together

Marie Louise Nosch


Funerary Textiles in Situ: an interdisciplinary workshop

Magdalena M Wozniak


The Association of Dress Historians’ Annual New Research Conference

Lena Larsson Lovén


Old Textiles – More Possibilities: the Centre for Textile Research‘s 15th anniversary conference

Elsa Yvanez


The textile dimension: textile finds in archaeology

Petra Linscheid and Sabine Schrenk


North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles

Erika Ruhl and Sanna Lipkin


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Number 62





An exceptional way to join two textiles: A textile fragment from Hisn al-Bab, Egypt

Anne Kwaspen


Bandages for Bastet: a study of three Egyptian cat mummies

Luise Ørsted Brandt, Anne Haslund Hansen, Hussein Shokry and Chiara Villa


The analysis and conservation of a 5th century CE child’s tunic from Egypt

Christina Margariti, Ina Vanden Berghe, Gabriela Sava and Tina Chanialaki


Cultural interconnections: textile craft and burial practices in Early Medieval Sudan

Elsa Yvanez, Mary Lou Murillo, Vincent Francigny and Alex de Voogt


Medieval Nubia: a contribution to the study of textiles from Meinarti

Magdalena M. Wozniak and Barbara Czaja


Exploring the construction of a Bronze Age braided band from Dartmoor, UK

Celia Elliott-Minty


Dating loom weights from Százhalombatta-Földvár, Hungary

Sophie Bergerbrant and Magdolna Vicze


Early Iron Age Textile Tools from the Požega Valley, Croatia

Hrvoje Potrebica and Julia Katarina Fileš Kramberger


Late La Tène and Early Roman textile tools from Dorno, Italy

Serena Scansetti


Animal hair evidence in an 11th century female grave in Luistari, Finland

Tuija Kirkinen, Krista Vajanto and Stina Björklund

High Medieval textiles of Asian and Middle Eastern provenance at Prague castle, Czech Republic

Milena Bravermanová, Helena Březinová and Jana Bureš Víchová


Pious vanity: Two pairs of 18th century abbesses’ knitted gloves

Sylvie Odstrčilová


The Gällared shroud: a clandestine early 19th century foetal burial

Elizabeth E. Peacock, Stina Tegnhed, Emma Maltin and Gordon Turner-Walker



Linen twills from the Hallstatt salt mine re-dated

Karina Grömer, Margarita Gleba, Mathieu Boudin and Hans Reschreiter


Holy hands: studies of knitted liturgical gloves

Angharad Thomas and Lesley O’Connell Edwards


Heritage Gansey Knitting Network Project

Lisa Little


Margrethe Hald: the life and work of a textile pioneer

Ulrikka Mokdad, Morten Grymer-Hansen and Eva Andersson Strand


EuroWeb: a new European network and COST Action 2020-2024

Marie Louise Nosch, Agata Ulanowska and Elsa Yvanez


Texel Stocking Project conference

Christine Carnie


The colour BLUE in ancient Egypt and Sudan

Susanne Klose


EAA: Annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists

Luise Ørsted Brandt, Elsa Yvanez, Matilde Borla, Varvara Busova, Samantha Brown, Bela Dimova, Francesco Meo, Alessandro Quercia, Francesca Coletti, Vanessa Forte, Christina Margariti and Stella Spantidaki


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Number 61





Spinning for the gods? Preliminary observations on prehistoric textile production at Hierakonpolis, Egypt

Anne Drewsen


Textiles from Zawaydah, Naqada, Upper Egypt

Margarita Gleba, Mathieu Boudin and Grazia A. Di Pietro


Late Antique textiles from Egypt in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen

Cecilie Brøns, Ina Vanden Berghe and Irene Skals


Blue dyed textiles in Early Iron Age Europe: Accessible or exclusive?

Patricia Hopewell and Susanna Harris


The Textiles of Üzüür Gyalan: Towards the identification of a nomadic weaving tradition in the Mongolian Altai

Kristen Rye Pearson, Chuluunbat Mönkhbayar, Galbadrakh Enkhbat and Jamsranjav Bayarsaikhan


Time looms over us: Observations from an experimental comparison of medieval English loom-types

Gwendoline Pepper


Nets – Knots – Lace: Early 16th century headdresses from East Tyrol

Beatrix Nutz


A mysterious little piece: A compound-weave textile incorporating sea silk from the Natural History Museum, London

Felicitas Maeder, Penelope Walton Rogers and Margarita Gleba



THEFBO. The cultural-historical importance of textile production in the prehistoric wetland settlements

Johanna Banck-Burgess


Project reassessment of iconic textiles at the Halle Museum: Ditfurt, Latdorf and Unterteutschenthal

Friederike Hertel and Karina Grömer


Textile activity and its tools in the culturally mixed framework of Sicily between the 13th and the fifth centuries BCE

Gabriella Longhitano


Project TT-nhm: A record of textile tools in the archives of the Natural History Museum Vienna

Ingrid Schierer and Karina Grömer


A new international project: The fabric of my life

Marie-Louise Nosch


The Margrethe Hald archive: Digitisation and communication

Ulrikka Mokdad



Christina Rinaldo 1944-2019



Current research in textile archaeology along the Nile

Marie-Louise Nosch


FIBRES in early textiles from prehistory to 1600 CE

Emma Smith and Sarah Hudson


Household textiles (and production) in and beyond the Viking Age

Eva Andersson Strand


Ancient textile production from an interdisciplinary approach

Jennifer Beamer


Silk in Ancient Greece and its resonance

Eva Andersson Strand


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Number 60






Sticks, stones, fingers and bones: nurturing knitting and the other neglected non-wovens

Jane Malcolm-Davies


Unravelling the confusions: Defining concepts to record archaeological and historical evidence for knitting

Jane Malcolm-Davies, Ruth Gilbert and Susanne Lervad


Do you read my signal? An attempt at the application of clear terminology in recording archaeological knitwork

Ruth Gilbert


The church cap and the crypt cap: Early modern knitted fragments found in Denmark

Maj Ringgaard


Knitted wool stockings in the Museum of London: A study of 16th century construction

Lesley O’Connell Edwards


Early modern stockings in museums in the Czech Republic

Sylvie Odstrčilová


Knitted fragments of clothes excavated from the Swedish 17th century flagship Kronan

Helena Lundin


Two knitted mittens from a 17th century Dutch shipwreck

Annemarieke Willemsen

Investigating 16th century knitting with citizen science: An archaeological experiment into fleece and fulling

Jane Malcolm-Davies and Rosalind Mearns



News from Çatalhöyük

Antoinette Rast-Eicher and Lise Bender Jørgensen


TexMeroe: New approaches to cultural identity and economics in ancient Sudan and Nubia through textile archaeology

Elsa Yvanez


The Salt Mummies of Zanjan: Textile research in Iran in a conservation and exhibition project

Karina Grömer and Natascha Bagherpour


Fashioning the Viking Age

Ulla Mannering


THREAD: a meeting place for scholars and refugees in textile and dress research

Jane Malcolm-Davies and Marie-Louise Nosch



Else Østergård 1940-2018

by Irene Skals & Lise Bender Jørgensen


Dr Joanne Elizabeth Cutler 1962-2018

by Eva Andersson Strand


Dr Karen Finch OBE 1921-2018

by Rosalind Janssen



European Textile Forum

Katrin Kania


A World of Looms: Weaving technology and textile arts in China and beyond

Magdalena Öhrman


Textiles and Gender: Production to wardrobe from the Orient to the Mediterranean in Antiquity

Agata Ulanowska


Exploring textiles and textile working from Prehistory to AD 500

Elsa Yvanez


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Number 59





A Weaving Sword at Miletus? Combat or Weaving Sword and the Complexities of Gender Construction

Laura B. Mazow


First Identification of Club Moss Use in Roman Britain

Margarita Gleba, Elizabeth M. Foulds, Al Teasdale and Hannah Russ


Reconstructing the Tunic from Lendbreen in Norway

Marianne Vedeler and Lena Hammarlund


Making a Reconstruction of the Egtved Clothing

Ida Demant


The Red-Blue Conundrum: an Archaeo-linguistic Approach to Red Dyes and Blue Flowers in Prehistory

Mikkel Nørtoft



The Central Timna Valley Project: 5 Years of Ongoing Textile Research

Vanessa Workman, Orit Shamir, Naama Sukenik, Margarita Gleba and Erez Ben-Yosef


The Gallo-Roman Textile Collection from Les-Martres de-Veyre in France

Catherine Breniquet, Marie Bèche-Wittmann, Christine Bouilloc and Camille Gaumat


The Textile from Tvis in Denmark

Ulla Mannering



Consuming Clothes (Glasgow, UK)

David Lumb


Interweaving Cultures (Madrid, Spain)

María Consuelo Escandell Ferrando


The Competition of Fibres (Berlin, Germany)

Ana Grabundzjia and Chiara Schoch


Mixtura Texturalis. People and Textiles in the Carpathian Basin (Budapest, Hungary)

Viktória Kiss, Judit Pásztókai-Szeőke and Boglárka Weisz


NESAT XIII (Liberec, Czech Republic)

John Peter Wild


Dynamics and Organisation of Textile Production in Past Societies (Łódź, Poland)

Agata Ulanowska, Małgorzata Siennicka and Małgorzata Grupa


Plants as Fibre Resources: Approaches from the Science and Art Perspectives (Maastrict, Netherlands)

Jenni A. Suomela


Early Textiles Study Group (Cambridge, UK)

Gwendoline Pepper


CIETA Conference (St Petersburg, Russia)

Susanne Lervad


Egyptian Textiles and Their Production: Word and Object (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Marie-Louise Nosch


Resources: New Books






Number 58





Red Heels: The Symbol of a Power Shift in 17th-Century Copenhagen?

Signe Groot Terkelsen and Vivi Lena Andersen


Liturgical Vestments of the 16th to the 18th Century in Austria

Karina Grömer


Archaeological Textiles of the 10th to the 12th Century from the Gaigovo Barrow Group in Russia

Svetlana Kochkurkina and Olga Orfinskaya


An 11th-Century 2/2 Twill from a Burial in Shekshovo in Russia

Karin Margarita Frei, Nikolaj Makarov, Marie-Louise Nosch, Irene Skals, Ina Vanden Berghe and Irina Zaytseva


Experimental Approach to the Ergonomics of Textile Production in Bronze Age Greece

Agata Ulanowska


An Early Modern Mystery: A Pilot Study of Knitting, Napping and Capping

Jane Malcolm-Davies


Germanic Linguistics and Textile Words

Nikolai Brink Sandbeck



Non-Woven Textile Techniques in Pre-Columbian Peru

Lena Bjerregaard


Clothes Make the Man: Early Medieval Textiles from the Netherlands

Chrystel Brandenburgh

Ancient Design by Modern Hands: An Invitation to Textile Artists

Julia Galliker and Ines Bogensperger



History of Techniques in Ancient Iran: Case of Textiles and Cosmetics

Elham Ghassemi


VI Purpureae Vestes International Symposium. Textiles and Dyes in the Mediterranean Economy and Society

Cecilie Brøns


Dyes and Spices

Mikkel Nørtoft


Archaeology of Textile: Production and Contexts in the 1st Millennium BCE

Marie-Louise Nosch


Pre-Columbian Textiles

Ulrikka Mokdad


Dominique Cardon Awarded Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur

Antoinette Rast-Eicher


Tradition and Innovation in Textile Technology in Bronze Age Europe and the Mediterranean

Agata Ulanowska


Weaving the Past: The Archaeology of Textiles and Textile Production in Greece in the 1st Millennium BCE

Beatriz Marín-Aguilera


International Conference on Comparative Mummy Studies

Lene Bjerregaard








Number 57


Bronze Age Moss Fibre Garments from Scotland - the Jury’s Out

Susanna Harris and Margarita Gleba

Textiles from the Chalcolithic Period, Early and Middle Bronze Age in the Southern Levant
Orit Shamir

Brocaded in Gold: Two Tablet-Woven Baldrics at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg, Germany
Claudia Merthen

Textiles of the 17th and 18th Centuries from the Excavations at Tara Fortress, Siberia, Russia
Tamara N. Glushkova, Sergey S. Tataurov and Sergey S. Tikhonov

Iron Age Finger-Loop Braiding: Finds from the Hallstatt Salt Mine
Karina Grömer, Katrin Kania and Joy Boutrup

Preliminary Analyses of Silk Flowers from Modern Graves in Poland
Małgorzata Grupa

Exploring a Medieval Patterned Silk Weaving in Honour of its Master Designer
Irene Skals

Standardised Mapping System for the Digital Documentation of Organic Materials on Metal Finds and In-Situ-Blocs
Britt Nowak-Böck and Helmut Voß

Transparent Textiles: Experiments in Plain Gauze Carried Out on a Small-Frame Loom
Ulrikka Mokdad

Archaeological Textiles from an Ore-Washing Workshop in the French Alps
Émeline Retournard

Preliminary Approaches for the Identification and Classification of Mediterranean Murex Dye Production Sites
Natalie M. Susmann

Further Textile Artefacts from the Royal Crypt at Prague Castle (CZ): A Tablet-Woven Silk Band and Fragments of a Child’s Funeral Tunic
Milena Bravermanová and Helena Březinová

TexSEt: Textile Technology in Central Tyrrhenian Italy from Late Prehistory to the Etruscan Period

Romina Laurito

Leather, Fur and Skin Technology in the Iron Age Salt Mines at Dürrnberg near Hallein, Austria and Chehrābād, Iran
Gabriela Ruß-Popa

Early Iron Age Tablet Weaving in Denmark
Lise Ræder Knudsen

The Textile MATRIX Exhibition
Ellen Harlizius-Klück

Reflections on an International Collaboration on a Corpus of Early Anglo-Saxon textiles from the RAF Lakenheath Cemeteries, Suffolk, England
Sue Harrington and Susan Möller-Wiering

Textiles in a Social Context and First Textiles – Two Conferences on Prehistoric Textiles

Małgorzata Siennicka

A New Look at Textiles in the Bronze and Early Iron Ages
Rebecca Peake and Yann Lorin

Silks from the Silk Road: Origin, Transmission and Exchange. International Symposium
Marie-Louise Nosch

The Fabric of Life: Approaches to Textile Resources, Economy and Production in Ancient Italy
Jacobo Tabolli

Textiles at the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) Meeting 2015
Sophie Bergerbrant

Recent publications







Number 56







Documenting Archaeological Textiles with Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI)

Emily Frank


Material Identification and Technological Analysis of a 7th-century BC Excavated Textile from Argos, Greece

Christina Margariti and Alkistis Papadimitriou


Investigating Wool Fibres from Danish Prehistoric Textiles

Irene Skals and Ulla Mannering


Loom Weights of the Persian Period from Khirbat Burin, Israel

Orit Shamir and Uzi ‘Ad


Early Bronze Age Textile Imprints from Tall Bderi and Tall Mozan, Northern Mesopotamia/Syria

Ulrike Rothenhäusler and Antoinette Rast-Eicher


Textile Finds from a Chieftain’s Grave: Preliminary Report from Poprad-Matejovce, Slovakia

Tereza Štolcová, Dorte Schaarschmidt and Sylvia Mitschke


Achaemenid and Sassanian Trousers from Douzlakh Salt Mine at Chehr Abad, Iran

Julia Barbara Krug-Ochmann


Evidence for Textiles in Loma Negra, Peru, as Recorded in Copper Corrosion

Julie Unruh



Textile Archaeology in Roman Venetia

Anna Rosa Tricomi


Middle Byzantine Silk in Context: Integrating the Textual and Material Evidence

Julia Galliker


A Forgotten Cultural Heritage: Late Antique Textiles in Swedish Museum Collections

Maciej Szymaszek


A Query

Nancy Spies




Recent publications, websites and dissertations



Number 55






Union Yarn and Union Fabric in Talmudic Literature from the Roman Era
Nahum Ben-Yehuda

Use of Colours in the Latvian Archaeological Textiles
Ieva Pigozne

Ancient Wardrobe Studies: The Wardrobe of Kroniaina from Tebtynis (AD 54)
Kerstin Droß-Krüpe and Yvonne Wagner

Purple-Dyed Textiles From Wadi Murabba’at: Historical, Archaeological and Chemical Aspects
Naama Sukenik,  David Iluz, Orit Shamir, Alexander Varvak and Zohar Amar

Weaving Pictures: 15th Century Tapestry Production at Lengberg Castle
Beatrix Nutz and Claudia Ottino

Bronze Age Textiles of the North Cemetery:
Discoveries made by the Franco-Chinese Archaeological Mission in the Taklamakan Desert, Xinjiang, China
Dominique Cardon, Corinne Debaine-Francfort, Abduressul Idriss, Khasim Anwar and Hu Xingjun

The Cut of the Clothes of North Caucasian Alans
Olga Orfinskaya

Spinning with the Hand Spindle: An Analysis of the Mechanics and its Implications on Yarn Quality
André Verhecken

Textile Production in Classical Attica: A brief PhD Thesis Summary
Stella Spantidaki

Seizing Wind, Wielding Power
Ulla Isabel Zagal-Mach Wolfe

The EU-funded Research Project DressID
Michael Tellenbach

Treasures from the Sea: Sea-silk and Shell Purple Dye in Antiquity
Ulrikka Mokdad and Camilla Ebert

Textile Trade and Distribution in Antiquity/Textilhandel und Distribution in der Antike
Teresa Traupe

Buried Past in Desert: Textiles from the Small River Cemetery
Shujuan Wang

Wool on the Silk Road: Research on the Eurasian Wool Textiles of Bronze to Early Iron Ages
Berit Hildebrandt

TOTh Workshop: Verbal and Nonverbal Representation in Terminology
Christoph Kremer

Recent publications, websites, and dissertations



Number 54







Textiles on Egyptian Mirrors: Pragmatics or Religion?

Karen Price and Margarita Gleba


Ginderup - Textiles and Dress from the Bronze Age

Gleaned from an Excavation Photograph

Sophie Bergerbrant, Sølvi Helen Fossøy

and Lise Bender Jørgensen


Textiles and Identity seen through

Etruscan Tomb Paintings

Liv Caroe


Mathematical Image Analysis on Historical Textiles

Kristian Ryder Thomsen and Mathias Londin Larsen


Shimmering Cloth, Like the River by this Path

Ben Cartwright


The Embellished Dress in Hunter-gatherer Societies

Lars Larsson


Un fragment de toile en coton découvert dans le

frigidarium d’une villa gallo-romaine

à Damblain (Vosges, France)

Nathalie Schluck, Christophe Rose, Didier Le Thiec

and Karine Boulanger


túg|NÍG.SAG.LAL.SAL|: - A headband

writt en using a logogram

Richard Firth


Techniques inatt endues dans un fragment textile en

coton, du site d’El Deir, Oasis de Kharga,

Désert Occidental Egyptien

Fleur Letellier-Willemin and Fabienne Médard


A 17th Century Woman’s Cap from

Haarby Church, Denmark

Camilla Luise Dahl and Esther Grølsted


How to Pleat a Shirt in the 15th Century

Beatrix Nutz and Harald Stadler


Discovery of a New Tablet Weaving Technique

from the Iron Age

Lise Ræder Knudsen and Karina Grömer


Textile Production Workshop

Kerstin Droß-Krüpe


Wool Economy in the Ancient Near East and the Aegean:

from the Beginnings of Sheep Husbandry to

Institutional Textile Industry

Eva Andersson Strand



Recent publications, websites, and dissertations



New projects





Number 53



Editorial                                1


Rediscovering ancient activities: textile tools in a

3rd - 2nd century BC context from Herakleia,

Southern Basilicata, Italy

Francesco Meo                                                                  


A 16th century silk fabric fragment

from northern Finland

Sanna Lipkin and Anna-Kaisa Salmi                                       


Textile templates for ceramic crucibles in

early Islamic Akhsyket, Uzbekistan

Rahil Alipour, Margarita Gleba and Thilo Rehren                                 


Textiles and pottery: Insights into Neolithic and Cooper

Age pottery manufacturing techniques from Romania

Paula Mazăre                                                                              


10th century AD textiles from female burial Ц-301

at Gnëzdovo, Russia

Olga Orfinskaya and Tatyana Pushkina                                             


Textiles from the Nile Valley Conference 2011

Henriette Koefoed                                                                      


Recent publications, websites,

and dissertations                                                                       


Textile Calendar 2012                              



Issue Number 52




Curry-comb or toothed weft-beater? The serrated

 iron tools from the Roman Pannonia

Judit Pásztókai-Szeőke


New textile finds from Dios and Xeron, two

praesidia of the Eastern Desert of Egypt

Dominique Cardon


New evidence and comparative study on

fragments of hooded semicircular cloak

found in the Eastern Desert of Egypt

Dominique Cardon  and Hélène Cuvigny


Römisches Outfit in Cuxhaven

Julian Subbert

From stone to textile: constructing the

costume of the Dama de Baza

Ida Demant


Roman rigid heddles: a survey

Susan J. Foulkes


Female costume of the Golden Horde period from

burial 93 of the Maiachnyi Bugor I cemetery in

the Astrakhan region of Russia

Olga Orfinskaya and Olga Lantratova


So simple and yet so complicated: A journey to Armenia to study a prehistoric warping method

Karen-Hanne Stærmose Nielsen




Penny  Walsh


TAG 2011

Ulla Mannering


NESAT 2011

Marianne Bloch Hansen, Ulla Mannering

and Frances Pritchard


Basketry and Beyond: Constructing

Cultures Conference

Susanna Harris



Resent publications, websites,

and dissertations



Textile Calendar


Issue Number 51




Table of Contents



Fist-Braided Bands Used as Headgear in Pre-Hispanic Peru

Lena Bjerregaard

Cloth Qualities from 800 BC-AD 800 in Austria: Context - Development - Handcraft
Karina Grömer

Fulling Agents Supplied to a Fuller’s Workshop in Garšana
Richard Firth

The Christmas Cave Textiles Compared to Qumran Textiles
Orit Shamir and Naama Sukenik

Piecing together a Roman linen tunic
Chris Verhecken-Lammens

Radiocarbon Dating and Dye Analysis of Roman Linen Tunics and Dalmatics with Purple Coloured Design
Antoine De Moor, Ina Vanden Berghe, Mark van Strydonck, Mathieu Boudin and Cäcilia Fluck

Research in Progress: Application of Digital Image Processing to Analysis of AD 7th-12th Century Eastern Mediterranean Silk Textiles
Julia Galliker


Wrapping and unwrapping the body

Nancy Ukai Russell

EAA 2010
Margarita Gleba and Susanna Harris

EAA 2010
Britt Nowak-Böck and Timm Weski

Recent publications and dissertations

Three Years of DressID – Interim Report

Annette Paetz gen. Schieck and Michael Tellenbach

Why leather?

Textile Calendar 2011



Issue Number 50




Table of Contents





Recent textile finds from Dios and Xeron

Dominique Cardon, Hélène Cuvigny and Adam Bülow-Jacobsen


Rope from the Christmas Cave: In Search of the Talmudic Hemp

Nahum Ben-Yehuda and Terence Murphy


Analysis and interpretation of braids from the London excavations 

Joy Boutrup


A thread to the past: the Huldremose Woman revisited

Margarita Gleba and Ulla Mannering


Cloth Cultures in Prehistoric Europe: Project concept and approach

Susanna Harris


Obituary, Youlie Spantidaki 1946-2010

Iris Tzachili


Errata for ATN 49



CIETA 2009

Kirsten Toftegaard



Cherine Munkholt


Joanne Cutler


TRAC 2010

Lena Larsson Lovén


TAC 2009

Susanna Harris


Dressing the Dead

Mary Harlow



Recent publications and dissertations




Conference announcements

Textile Calendar






Issue Number 49



Table of Contents





Dates and Dyes – New test results for the finds from Tegle and Helgeland, Norway    

Sunniva Wilberg Halvorsen


Die textilen Reste von der Varusschlacht  

Sylvia Mitschke


Tight-Fitting Clothes in Antiquity – Experimental Reconstruction

Dagmar Drinkler


Qasr Ibrim Study Season 2009


Peter and Felicity Wild

Qasr Ibrim: a correction

Felicity Wild



Ars Textrina Textile Conference: “Natural Fibres – A World Heritage”

Nahum Ben-Yehuda


Future Textile

Cherine Munkholt



Ulla Mannering


Skin Clothing from the North 

Ulla Mannering


Urban Textiles In Social Context 

Frances Pritchard



Recent publications, useful websites and dissertations



New clothes for the Gunnister Man                           

Martin Ciszuk


Early Textiles Study Group (ETSG) Call for Papers   

Helen Persson


Textile Calendar                                                     








Number 48




Table of Contents



Face bundles” in early Christian burials from the Fayum, Egypt
Kristin H. South, Joyce Y. Smith, Giovanni Tata and Charles Wifred Griggs

Work in progress: Roman painted funerary portraits from Antinoopolis, Egypt
Lauren McGhee

Early twined textiles from Sugokleya (Ukraine)
Margarita Gleba and Alla Nikolova

Medieval textiles from the necropolis of Dmitrov Kremlin, Russia
Olga Orfinskaya and Asia Engavatova

Ein Seitenblick auf die Textilien aus der Wurt Tofting
Susan Möller-Wiering



Journées d’études de l’AFET, 20-21 November 2008 Paris, France
Irene Skals

Textile Terminologies in the Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean Area from the 3rd to the 1st Millennium BCE

Joanne Cutler


Website: Meet Danish Prehistory

Cherine Munkholt


12th biannual Early Textiles Study Group meeting

Ulla Mannering



Dissertations, recent articles, websites

New publications





Textile Calender






Number 47



Table of Contents



Datation au 14C de neuf toiles brochées

Roberta Cortopassi


Decorated loom weights in the collection of Classical Antiquities of Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

András Márton, Ruth Megaw and J. Vincent Megaw


Spindle whorls from 14th -18th century Turku, Finland

Heidi Martiskainen


New discoveries of Viking Age  textiles in Ukraine and Russia

Kirill Mikhailov


Textilarchäologie am Landesamt für Denkmalpflege in Esslingen/Baden-Württemberg

Johanna Banck-Burgess



Purpureae Vestes III

Margarita Gleba


Workshop on the textiles from Oseberg

Marianne Vedeler


Experimental Archaeology Research

Eva Andersson Strand


Dyes in History and Archaeology  27

Margarita Gleba



Recent publications


Purple website

Rolf Haubrichs






Number 46



Table of Contents


ATN 2008 general meeting minutes        


Cotton: the New Wool. Qasr Ibrim Study Season 2008 by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild

A fragmentary Roman cloak probably of the 1st century CE and off-cuts from other semicircular cloaks  by Hero Granger-Taylor

Textiles from the Avar graveyard Zwölfaxing II, Austria by Karina Grömer and Silvia Müller

Zur Mehrdeutigkeit der gelochten Femur- und Humeruscapiti des bronzezeitlichen Monkodonja – einige technische Überlegungen bezüglich der Erwägung ihrer Funktion als Spinnwirtel by Sascha Mauel


NESAT X by Carol A. Christiansen

Military and Textile Conference by Anne Marie Carstens


Recent publications


Clothing and Identities in the Roman World by Anne Marie Carstens, Judit Pásztókai-Szeöke and Marie Louise Nosch


Textile Calendar June-December 2008



Number 1

Editorial 1

Table Showing Current, Relevant Excavations 3

Summary of Sites 7

Another Look at Textiles from Karanog by N.K. Adams 9

When Did Wool Blending Begin? by M.L. Ryder 10

Topica 11

Recent Publications 11

Personal Bibliographies

Lise Bender Jorgensen 13

Krisima Riboud 14

H.-J. Hundt 14

Additional Bibliography 15

List of Subscribers 16

Number 2

Editorial 1

Table Showing Current, Relevant Excavations 3

Summary of Sites 4

Topica 8

Coptic Textiles by P. van´t Hooft 8

Indian Textiles by J. Dhamija 9

Ancient and Medieval Textiles Conference by K. Staniland

Textiles from l7th Century Graves at Danskoya, Svalbard, Norway by I. Lutken 10

Seventeenth Century Textiles from Coffins in Roskilde Domkirke by E. Ostergard 10

Kurzbericht uber besondere Massnahmen in der Abteilung fur Textilrestaurierung

des Bayerischen Landesamtes fur Denkmalpflege von H. Herman 10

Medieval Garments from Quseir al-Qadim, Egypt by G.M. Eastwood 11

Speeding-up Fibre Diameter Measurement by Computerisation by M.L. Ryder 12

Recent Publications 15

Extended Publications

Rosalind Hall 17

Sandra Y. Vons-Comis 17

List of Subscribers 19

Number 3

Editorial 1

Iceland. Some Early Examples of Icelandic Knitting by E.E. Gudj6nsson 2

W. Germany. Lubeck - Project ‘88 by K. Tidow 3

Denmark. 9th-Century Linen Shirt from Viborg Sonderso, Viborg, Denmark by M. Fentz 4

Austria. Villach by I. Petrascheck-Heim 4

Ireland. A Spanish Armada Textile by C. McCliniock 4

Egypt. Kahun: Textile Material from Twelfth Dynasty Egypt by J. Allgrove McDowell 9

Textile Finds at Qasr Ibrim, 1986 by N.K. Adams 10

The Textile Workshop in the Lejre Research Centre, DK by L. Dokkedal and A. Norgaard 11

The A.E.D.T.A. Collection 11

Archaologische Publikationen by K. Tidow 11


Recent Publications 12

Extended Bibliographies 14

Rudolf Ullemeyer 14

Karl Schlabow 14

Grace M. Crowfoot 15

List of Subscribers 17

Number 4

Editorial 1

Ireland by L. Heckett 3

Tel el-`Amarna by G.M Vogelsang-Eastwood 4

Textiles from Southern Nubia by I. Caneva 6

A 3/1 Damask Twill Silk from Late Roman Brigetio by L. Bender Jorgensen 6

Archaeological Survey of Clay Weights by Z. Castro Curel 7

Lubeck- Project ‘88 by K. Tidow 7

Handspinning and Weaving Exhibition by L. Jones 7

The Network by S.S. Bean 8

Archaeological Textiles and Their Conservation by S. 0’Connor 8

The 1987 NESAT Meeting in York by E. Munksgaard 8

Recent Theses 8

Bibliography 9

Extended Bibliographies

Z. Castro Curel 10

Marie Kostelnikova 11

R. Pfister 11

List of Subscribers 12

Number 5

Editorial 1

Quotable Quotes by R. Hall 2

Recent Thesis 2


Canada. A l6th Century Basque Seaman Buried in ‘Russets’ by P. Walton 3

Israel. Textiles from Masada by A. Sheffer and A. Tidhar 3

Research Work Being Carried Out at UMIST into the Washing of Very Degraded Linen

by L. Hillyer L. 7

NESAT at Jorvik, 1987 by J.P. Wild 8

A Plea For a Better Description of Sewing and Embroidery Details by A. Morrell 9

Tutenkhamun in the Victoria and Albert Museum by S. Landi 9

The Textile Conservation Group by S. Lowengard 10

Further Details about the Textiles for the Archaeological Conservator Conference, York

by S. O’Connor 10

Bibliography 12

Extended Bibliography

K. Tidow 14

M. Ryder 15

List of Subscribers 16


Number 6

Editorial 1

The Irish Weaver’s Song 2

Whaling in the Golden Age, Excavations on Spitsbergen by S. Vons-Comis 3

Levantine Textiles by R. Hall 3

Tissage, Corderie et Vannerie 3

lraq. The At-Tar Caves in Iraq by K. Sakamoto 4

Egypt. Akoris, Egypt by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 5

Mons Claudianus, Egypt by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood and I. Blom 5

German Democratic Republic. Gewebereste an 2 Vogelfibeln, Volkerwanderungszeit

Grossengottern, Bezirk, Erfurt, DDR von H. Farke 6

Fibre Preservation in Two Carbonised Textiles from Soba by B. Cooke 8

A Practical Reconstruction of 8th Century AD Embroidery Techniques by H.M. Stevens 9

Textiles for the Archaeological Conservator by S. 0‘Connor 9

Some Textiles in the Hermitage Museum, Leningrad by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 11

Palmyra - Queen of the Desert by J.P. Wild 12

Recent Thesis 12

Bibliography 13

List of Subscribers 18

Number 7

Editorial 1

China. Chu Tomb in Jiangling, China by B. Mingxin 3

Egypt. ‘Abu Sha’ar by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 4

Reconstruction of a Viking Costume by E. Munksgaard 4

Loomweights by A. Sheffer and Z. Castro Curel 5

First meeting of the Textile Society of America by S.A. Niessen 6

Research Interests by M.L. Ryder 6

Walvisvaart in de Gouden Eeuw by L. Bender Jorgensen 7

Early Textiles Study Group Conference: September 1988 by J.P. Wild 7

Medieval Textiles, in Particular Those from the Mass-Rhine Region 8

Nordic Symposium on Textile Techniques 8

ATN Occasional Monograph Series 9

The Satire on the Trades, A Middle Kingdom Scribal Instruction from Egypt by R. Hall 9

A l9th Century French Silk Weavers’ Song by S. Lemoine and C. Lorren 9

Dyes in History and Archaeology by P. Walton 10

Books Received by ATN 10

Recent Theses 11

Bibliography 11

Extended Bibliography

Elsa E. Gudjonsson 14

D. De Jonghe 16

List of Subscribers 17

Number 8

Editorial 1

Late Medieval Textiles from Kulubnarti (Part I) by N.K. Adams 3

Cemeteries on the Outskirts of Loulan, China by B. Mingxin 5

Masada - Loomweights by A. Sheffer 6


Medieval Textiles in the Mass-Rhine Area by J.P. Wild 7

Informal Meeting for Dutch Speaking Members of ATN by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 7

Deir ‘Alla Exhibition 8

Miscellaneous by A. Morrell 8

Rue! by B.N. Tennsma 8

Coptic and Pharonic Textiles: A Co-production by P. van t Hooft 8

Terminologie und Typologie Mittelalterlicher Sachguter: Das Beispiel der Kleidung

von I. Petrascheck-Heim 10

Bibliography 12

Extended Bibliographies

Bao Mingxin 14

Elisabeth Munksgaard 14

List of Subscribers 14

Number 9

Editorial 1

Obituary by A. Hedeager Madsen 3

The ATN Occasional Paper Series 3

Notes on Cotton Textiles Found in Israel by A. Sheffer 3

Prehistoric Textiles from the Orkney Islands 4

“Textile Ware” from the Eastern Shore of the Black Sea by D. Braund 5

Loomweights by F. Sorber and H. Verbeeck 6

The 18th Century Whaling Age on Svalbard by L. Vig Jensen 7

The Gotlandic Viking Age Textiles as a Reflection of Society and Trade by K. Gow Sjoblom 7

Resist-dyed Textiles from Quseir al-Qadim, Egypt by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 9

Late Medieval Textiles from Kulubnarti, Sudan (Part 2) by N.K. Adams 10

Textiles in Trade by M. Gittiner 11

Hemp 11

An ‘Unusual’ Warp-weighted Loom Described in Njal’s Saga 11

Wetland Sites, Textiles and Cordage by A. Rogers 12

Flax and Linen in the Pre-Medieval Archaeology of Britain by P. Bradley 12

Archaeological Textiles Meeting, Leiden by P. van ‘t Hooft 12

Spanish-influenced Costume by C. Ollerhead 13

New Publications 13

Bibliography 13

Extended Bibliography - K. Tidow 15

List of Subscribers 15

Number 10

Editorial 1

Agnes Geijer 1898-1989 by M. Nockert 3

Two Lectures on Chinese Textiles 3

The Bronze Age Belt from Bredhoj by A. Norgaard and E. Ostergaard 4

Fleece-type of the Bredhoj Belt by P. Walton 5

Textilreste des 16. Jahrhunderts aus Duisburg am Niderrhein von H. Farke and G. Krause 6

In Search of Parallels with Pattems on Merovingian Tablet-woven Braids by R. Boyer 8

The Spinning of Fine Royal or Byssos Linen by W.D. Cooke and A. Brennan 9

Mons Claudianus by L. Bender Jorgensen 10

A Bronze Age Oak Coffin from Nybol, Denmark by L. Bender Jorgensen 11


Radiocarbon Dating of Natural Fabrics: The Turin Shroud by E. T. Hall 11

Fifth Manchester Textile Meeting 13

MA Postgraduate Course in Archaeological Textiles 14

Recent Theses 14

Bibliography 14

Extended Bibliography - John Peter Wild 16

Number 11

Editorial 1

ATN Occasional Paper Series

The ATN Guide to Structural Sewing: Terms and Techniques 3

A Site Compendium 3

The Abu Sha’r Textiles by L. Bender Jorgensen and G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 5

Weaving Combs - Curved or Straight? by T Tuohy 6

First Millennium B.C. Textiles by D. DeRoche 8

Pharonic Egyptian Ciothing by GM. Vogelsang-Eastwood 8

TSA Symposium ‘Textiles in Trade’ by R. Barnes 9

Early Textiles Study Group Weekend Conference 1990 by J.P. Wild 10

4th NESAT Textilsymposium, Rungstedgaard, May 1990 by J.P. Wild 10

4. Nordeurop aisches Symposium fur ArchoIogische Textilfunde (NESAT) in Kopenhagen

vom 1.5 bis 5.5 1990 von K. Tidow 11

Empfehlungen fur die Konservierung und Untersuchung Mittelaltericher Textilfunde aus

Grabungen von M.Th. Worch and K. Tidow 12

Correction 13

Recent Theses 13

Publication of Papers from the 8th Meeting of Dye Researchers 13

AEDTA: New Publication 13

Tellem Textiles: Cataloque and Exhibition 14

Bibliography 14

Extended Bibliography - Sandra Comis 17

List of Subscribers 18

Number 12

Editorial 1


H.-J. Hundt 1909-1990 von K. Tidow 3

Joan Aligrove McDowell 1928-1991 5

Textiles with Bronze Ornaments of the Eastern Baltic Region by N. Khvochtchinskaya 5

The Textiles from Mons Claudianus, Recorded in 1991 by L. Bender Jorgensen 8

Weft-faced Compound Tabbies: A Recantation by J.P. Wild 11

Textiles from En Rahel, Israel by 0. Shamir 11

Loomweights and Whorls from the City of David by 0. Shamir 12

Special Loomweights with Blue Dye from Tell Qasile by 0. Shamir 13

Fleece breakthroughs in 1990 by M.L. Ryder 14

To Curators of Archaelogical Textiles: A Warning Concerning Analysis of Dyes by HPLC

by J. Wouters and A. Verhecken 15

Basketry: A Textile Technique? by W. Wendrich 18

Textile Symposia 20

Exhibitions 21


Bibliography 22

Extended Bibliography - Elizabeth Riefstahl 26

Number 13

Editorial 1

Joan Allgrove McDowell Memorial Appeal 3

The Abu Sha’ar Textiles 1991 by L. Bender Jorgensen and G. M Vogelsang-Eastwood 3

Loomweights and Textile Production at Tel Migne-Ekron, Israel by 0. Shamir 4

Textiles from Kefar Shahak, Israel by 0. Shamir 6

Textiles and basketry at Kuntillat ‘Ajrud by A. Sheffer 6

A Pictorial “Clothing List” by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 8

Basketry versus Textiles: On Terms by W.Z. Wendrich 9

Some Comments on Notes in ATN 12 by G.W. Taylor 10

Weaving Combs by M.L. Ryder 11

Leather Garments from the Bronze Age? 12

CIETA in Copenhagen by E. Ostergaard 12

Clothing for the Dead: The Tellem Textiles from Mali by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 13

Symposium 13

Recent Thesis 14

New Publications 14

Bibliography 14

Number 14

Editorial 1

Obituary: Ingrid Lutken 1917-1992 by S.E. Albrethsen 3

A Roman Helmet with Textiles from Numegen, The Netherlands

by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 3

A Twelfth-Century BCE Linen Textile Fragment from Beth Shean by 0. Shamir 4

A Weaving (?) Comb from Wadi Murabba’at, Judean Desert by T. Schick 4

Textiles Found along the Spice Route from the Roman Period until the Early Islamic Period

in Israel by 0. Shamir 6

Aspects of Viking (Age) Dress: A Review of the Textile Evidence by V.H.M. Dale 8

Ancient Sails by E. Black and D. Samuel 9

Stichting Textile Research Centre, Leiden 9

Rediscovering Islamic Textiles by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 10

Approaches to the Study of Textiles, a Two Day Seminar on Textiles

by R. Bedaux and G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 11

Encyclopedia of Textile History 12

Recent Theses 12

Bibliography 13

List of Subscribers 14

Number 15

Editorial 1

A Very Preliminary Report on the Find of Textiles and Textile Equipment in Greenland

by J. Arneborg 3

Loomweights from Hurvat Nimra, Hebron by 0. Shamir 5

Re-examination of the Blue Dye from the Qasile Temple by 0. Shamir 7

The Trials of Flax by C.D. DeRoche 7


Woollen Sails on the Faroe Islands by B. Nass-Sorensen 8

Practical Trials with Woollen Sails by M. Vinner 9

What Does the Frozen Man Tell Us About Textiles? by M.L. Ryder 9

More Details about the Stichting Textile Research Centre, Leiden

by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 11

Embroidered Messages 11

“Spinnen und Weben”. Eine Ausstellung im Musee Schwab in Biel (Schweiz)

von A. Rast-Eicher 11

Medieval Textiles in the Meuse-Rhine Region by J.P. Wild 12

The Early Textiles Study Group Meeting by K. Finch 12

Forbes ‘Studies in Ancient Technology’ IV (1956) by J.P. Wild 13

Studies in Textile and Costume History 13

Bibliography 14

Short Bibliography 15

List of Subscribers 15

Number 16

Editorial 1

The Late Bronze Age Hoard from St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland

by T. Gabra-Sanders and T. Cowie 3

The First Find of Palaeolithic Stitching by M.L. Ryder 4

One of the Oldest Textile in the World? by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 4

Sewing and Weaving in Biblical Times by A. Sheffer 7

Textiles from Nahal Omer, Israel by A. Baginski and 0. Shamir 7

Textiles from the Mining Camps at Timna by 0. Shamir and A. Baginski 9

Silk in Ancient Egypt by M.L. Ryder 10

Textiles in the Famen Temple Museum, China by L.F. Lu 11


The Embroidered Message 12

Wrap-around Societies 12

The Fifth NESAT Meeting by E. Munksgaard 12

The History of Textiles in Israel by A. Sheffer 13

Exhibitions 13

Bibliography 14

Number 17

Editorial 1

Aims and Objects of the Archaeological Textile Newsletter 3

Helios on the Silk Textiles from Ancient China by Z. Feng 4

Extracts from Two Papers on Chinese Textiles

On Craft of Silk Knitting Cords of Warring States Period in Jiangling

by B. Mingxin and L. Xiying 5

Initial Study into the Han-Dynasty Craft of Colouring Silk with Cinnebar

by W. Xu 5

Textile Notation: A Plea for a Uniform Terminology Relating to Spinning and

Plying Directions by T. Schick 6

Die Textilfunde aus dem Furstengrab von Hochdorf von J. Banck 8

Probable Hemp Fibre in Bronze Age Scotland by M.L. Ryder 10

The Manchester Medieval Textiles Project by E. Coatsworth 13


W.F. Petrie and the Weavers Waste by W.D. Cooke 13

Tutankhamun: A Reappraisal of His Wardrobe by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 14


Braving the Cold 15

Early Textiles Study Group: Early Items of Clothing 16

Ancient Near Eastern Textile Conference by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 16

CIETA Meeting in Lyon by T. Gabra-Sanders 17

Wrap-around Clothing Seminar by E. Heckett 17

Exhibitions 18

Bibliography 19

General Bibliography 20

Numbers 18/19

Editorial by L. Bender Jorgensen 3

Why Do We Do It? by E. W. Heckett 4

Textiles from Jesiret Fara’un (Coral Island) by A. Baginski and 0. Shamir 6

Traces of Cloth, Rope and Wickerwork on Oil Amphoras in Monte Testaccio (Rome)

by C. Alfaro Giner 6

“Spun-silver” Work Found in a Bishop’s Grave at Sigtuna, Sweden by L. Holmquist Olausson 8

The New Textile Finds from Palmyra by J. Maik 11

El-Zerqa - A Military Post in the Eastern Desert of Egypt by U. Mannering 13

An Early European Textile Find from New Zealand by M.L. Ryder 14

The Romano-Egyptian Site of Berenike by W. Wendrich 15

The Characterisation of Archaeological Textile Fibres Using Advanced Image Analysis

Software by W.D. Cooke, J.P. Wild, C.R. Cork and L. Fang-Lu 16

A Reconstruction of a Blanket from the Migration Period by A. Norgaard and E. Ostergaard 17

Chevron Weave Patterns: An Experiment in Handspinning and Weaving by T. Friedman 19

Information Wanted 20


More on Silk in Ancient Egypt by M.L. Ryder 23

Correction by M.L. Ryder 24

The Tutankhamun Textile and Clothing Project by G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood 24

Exhibitions 25

Conferences 25

Reviews: Conferences

Early Textiles Study Group by E. W. Heckett 26

Clothing the Pharoh by J.P. Wild 26

Publications 27

Thesis, Dissertations, etc. 29

Extended Bibliography - Dr. Dominique Cardon 30

Audiovisual 31

Number 20

From the Editorial Board 3

Editorial by J.P. Wild 3

Doing the Textiles by L. Bender Jorgensen 4

Features 5

A Roman Textile Bracelet from Dorchester, Dorset by J. Batcheller 5

Berenike 1995 by F.C. Wild and J.P. Wild 8


Die Goldstickerei der Altrussischen Landbevolkerung von M.V. Fechner 9

New Light on the Origin of Longwools by M.L. Ryder 12

Restaurierung und Prasentation antiker Textilien aus Palmyra.

Bericht uber die Arbeiten 1994 von A. Schmidt-Colinet 14

Tablet-woven Bands from the Middle Ages by I. Raknes Pedersen and A. Bergli 16

Textiles, Loomweights and Spindle Whorls from Kadesh-Barnea, Sinai

by 0. Shamir 17

Textilfunde, die die Ausgraber vergessen haben. Report 1 von K. Tidow 18

The Farm Beneath the Sand by E. Ostergaard 20

Experimental Archaeology

The Bronze Age Lady from Borum Eshoj, Denmark by C. Holm and P. Olin 21

Information Wanted 24

Update 25

New Textile Finds at Lonne Hede, Denmark by L.B. Fransen 25

More on the Scythian ‘Princess’ Found in Altai Mountains, Russia Near Chinese

Border by E.W. Heckett 25

Exhibitions 27

Conferences 28


Eva Jordan Farbach: Archaologisches Textil- und Lederkolloqium von H. Farke 30

Publications 31

Thesis, Dissertations, etc. 32

Number 21

From the Editorial Board 3

Editorial by Klaus Tidow 3

Textiles on Contract by Lise Bender Jorgensen 4

Features 5

Invisible Crafts by Eva Andersson 5

Burial Clothing of One of the First Counts of Toulouse by Dominique Cardon 7

A New Female Dress from the Migration Period: A Joint Scandinavian Project

by Ellen Hoigard Hofseth 11

Textiles from Krokodilopolis and Herakleopolis. Magna in the Museum

fur Spatantike und Byzantinische Kunst, Berlin by Petra Linscheid and Cacilia Fluch 15

A Thousand Years of Brocaded Tabletwoven Bands by Nancy Spies 17

Textilfunde, die die Ausgraber vergessen haben (2) by Klaus Tidow 22

Experimental Archaeology 23

Dunkles (Mittel)blau mit Farber-Waid (Isatis tinctoria) by Astrid L. Raidl 23

Reproduction of Horsehair Tablet Braids from Scandinavia’s Migration Period

by Amica Sundstrom 24

Worth Noting 26

Information Wanted 26

Update 27

Impressions of Twined Textiles Found at Pavlov Hills, Czech Republic,

Dated to 27,000BP by Elizabeth Wincott Heckett 27

Conferences 28

Reviews 29

Exhibitions 29

Source Materials 30


Publications 30

Number 22

From the Editorial Board 3

Editorial by Elizabeth Wincott Heckett 3

Features 4

Oxidierte Textilien und Fasern by Antionette Rast-Eicher 4

Comment 7

A Culture-Historical Approach to Late Saxon Textile Studies by Philippa A. Henry 7

NESAT Poster Session 11

Die Textilforschung in der Tschechischen Republik by Helena Březinova 11

More Textiles at Lonne Hede in Denmark by Frances Roberts and Lene B. Frandsen 14

Textile Fragments Found Together with a Late Roman Helmet

by Chris Verhecken-Lammens 17

News of the Norse in Greenland by Else Ostergaard 19

Worth Noting 19

Information Wanted 19

Update 20

Berenike 1996 by J.P Wild & F.C. Wild 20

Still More on the Scythian “Princess” Found in the Altai Mountains, Russia

by Elizabeth Wincott Heckett 21

Conferences 24

Reviews 25

Source Materials 26

Publications 26

Number 23

From the Editorial Board 3

Editorial by John Peter Wild 3

Analysis 4

Tabletwoven Bands from the Grave of Siegfried von Westerburg by Nancy Spies 4

NESAT 1996 Poster Session 7

Textilien aus dem Madchengrab der Fallward by Frauke Drogemuller 7

Textile Impressions on Tortoise Brooches from Birka and Vendel, Sweden

by Anita Malmius 10

Comment 14

The Borum Eshoj Dress by Karen-Hanne Starmose Nielsen 14

Worth Noting 16

Information Wanted 18

Update 18

Reviews 19

Conferences 19

Source Materials 21

Publications 21

Number 24

From the Editorial Board 3

Editorial by Elizabeth Wincott Heckett 3


Experimental Archaeology 4

Milkweed: Fibres to Fabric by Toni Friedman and Dr. Zoor Amar 4

An Archaeological Experiment with Buried Textiles by M.L. Ryder 8

Prehistoric Flax by S.M.S.C Thijsse 11

Comment 12

Garment Definition: Aegean Men’s Wear in the Middle and Late Bronze Ages

by Ariane Marcar 12

Analysis 17

Two Twelfth Century Stoles Attributed to Eleanor, Queen of Castile by Nancy Spies 17

Worth Noting 19

Update 19

An update on the Orkney Hood by Thea Gabra-Sanders 19

Information Wanted 20

Number 25

From the Editorial Board 3

Editorial by Elizabeth E. Peacock, Editor 3

Analysis 4

Textiles from the Grave of Rudolph I of Hapsburg, King of Bohemia,

Called Kaše by Dr. Milena Bravermanova 4

Reconstruction 8

Costumes for a Chieftain Couple at Ribes Vikinger Museum by Birgit Kryger 8

Comment 13

Fleece Types and Iron Age Textiles by M.L. Ryder 13

Conservation 17

Housing Small Archaeological Textiles by Elizabeth Peacock 17

Number 26

From the Editorial Board 3

Editorial by Elizabeth E. Peacock, Editor 3

Features 4

Funerary Apparel of the Hapsburgs from the Royal Tomb at Prague Castle

by Dr. Milena Bravermanova 4

A Note on Mineral-preserved Textiles from the Late Germanic Iron Age Cemetery

at Norre Sandgard Vest, Bornholm, Denmark

by Ulla Mannering and Elizabeth Peacock 8

Purple Garments and Silks: Precious Gems and Gold by Nancy Spies 14

Camel and Yak Hair on The Silk Route by M.L. Ryder 20

Number 27

Editorial by John Peter Wild 1

Features 2

Sheepfolds of Snowdonia by Fiona Johnson 2

Wools in the l9th Century Carpets made in Barnard Castle by Michael L. Ryder 3

Obituary 5

Elisabeth Munksgaard by Lise Bender Jorgensen 5

Reports 6

Textiles of Seafaring by Lise Bender Jorgensen and Tinna Damgaard-Sorensen 6

Preliminary Report of the Textile Finds, 1998 Season, at Fag el-Gamus


by Kirstin H. South 9

Textiles from Mons Porphyrites 1998 by Fiona Handley 11

Cotton in a Merovingian Burial by Penelope Walton Rogers 12

Flaach (CH/Kt. Zurich): Ein neues Graberfeld aus dem 5.Jh

- Ein Werkstattbericht by Antoinette Rast-Eicher 14

Reviews 16

ICOM Palermo 1998 by Mary M. Brooks 16

ETSG Conference 1998 by John Peter Wild 18

l7th DHA Conference 1998 by George W. Taylor 18

Eastern Analytical Symposium by George W. Taylor 19

Textile Society of America Symposium by Elizabeth Wincott Heckett 19

Source Materials 20

Recent Publications 20

Number 28

Editorial by John Peter Wild 1

Features 2

A Cotton-like Fibre from Hallstatt by Michel L. Ryder 2

Report on the Fibres from a Tapestry in Saragossa Cathedral, Spain

by Michael L. Ryder 3

Those Weaving Combs - yet Again by Ro Bailey 5

Embroidery Terminology II by Professor Anne Morrell 10

A Set of Roman Clothing from Les Martres-de-Veyre, France

by Carol van Driel-Murray 11

Obituaries 15

Anne Stine Ingstad by Bente Magnus 15

Marta Lindstrom by Gertrud Grenander Nyberg and Eva Andersson 15

Reports 17

The Mons Claudianus Textile Project by Lise Bender Jorgensen 17

Human Hair Mats and Bindings from Nubia by Nettie K. Adams 20

Kleine Fragmente - Kleine Fundgruben by Antoinette Rast-Eicher 21

Berenike 1998 by F.C. and J.P. Wild 22

Reviews 24

7th NESAT Symposium by Elizabeth Wincott Heckett 24

Source Materials 26

Recent Publications

News in Brief 28

Center for the Study of Regional Dress UCLA 28

Georgian Textile Group: 2nd International Symposium 28

Fiber Perishables Interest Group 29

Late Antique to Early Islamic Headcoverings 29

The NESAT Library 29

Research Project on Alamannic/Merovingian Textiles 30

Number 29

Editorial by John Peter Wild 1

Features 2

6000 Year Old Textiles from the Cave of the Warrior, Judaean Desert


by Tamar Schick 2

Fibre Analysis for the 2lst Century I: The Possibilities and Limitations

of Chemical Analysis of Wool Remains by Michael L. Ryder 9

Report 12

Didymoi (Khashm al-Minayh), Egypte: Saison 1999: Les Textiles

by Dominique Cardon 12

Reviews 13

Notes on the 18th Meeting on Dyes and History and Archaeology

by George W. Taylor 13

l8th CIETA Meeting in Bern by Thea Gabra-Sanders 13

Source Materials 14

Recent Publications 14

Recent Theses 15

News in Brief 15

Ancient Peruvian Textiles 15

Egyptian Linen from Salt-Affected Sites 15

The Clothworkers Centre for World Textiles 16

Number 30

Editorial by John Peter Wild 1

Features 2

Handschuhe und Strumpfe aus dem 16-17. Jh. in Riga by Anna Zarina 2

The Roman Tradition of Weaving and Sewing: a Guide to Function?

By Ulla Mannering 10

Fibre Analysis for the 2lst Century 2: could a Method of Isotope Analysis be applied to

Wool in Textile Remains? By Michael L. Ryder 16

More Textiles preserved by Salt by Michael L. Ryder 17

The fourteenth-century Bands on an eleventh-century Relic Purse by Nancy Spies 17

Reports 19

A Cotton-like Fibre from Hallstatt - Correction by Michael L. Ryder 19

Reviews 20

Tutankhamun’s Wardrobe by Martin Ciszuk 20

Lattes: Archeologie des Textiles by John Peter Wild 21

Copenhagen; Textiles from Roman Egypt by Carole Gillis 21

Source Materials 24

Recent Publications 24

News in Brief 25

ETSG 2000 25

Migrating Textiles 25

Focus on Textile Conservation 25

FPIG Symposium 25

Ecclesiatical Pomp 25

Palermo Bands 26

Number 31

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Issues in Conserving Archaeological Textiles by Michael L. Ryder 2

Key for the Identification of Fleece Types by Michael L. Ryder 8


Romische Spindelhaken vom Magdalensberg by Kordula Gostenčnik 9

The Stole Attributed to St. Kunibert (d.663) by Nancy Spies 12

Reports 12

The Roman Textiles from Myos Hormos by Fiona J.L. Handley 12

Khashm al-Minayh (Didymoi), Saison 2000

by Dominique Cardon and Hero Granger-Taylor 17

Berenike 2000 by J.P. and F.C. Wild 18

Source Materials 20

Recent Publications 20

The Classification of Textiles 21

Towards a Reading List of lrish Cloth and clothing 21

Nile Valley and related Textiles: a Questionnaire 24

Review 30

News in Brief 30

Ancient Peruvian Textiles 30

Colours in the Ancient Mediterranean World 30

NESAT an the Web 30

Number 32

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Salt Movement in Ancient Egyptian Linen

by Glennda S. Marsh-Letts and Matthew Phillips 2

Nineteenth-Century Cashmere History Repeated by Michael L. Ryder 7

A Piled Cotton Blanket in Berlin by Cacilia Fluck 11

Textile Casts on 16th Century Lead Seals by J. A. Frith and R. C. Jjanaway 14

Reports 17

Early Byzantine Textiles from Amorium, Anatolia by Petra Linscheid 17

The Textiles, Basketry and Cordage from Qarantal – Cave 38

by Alisa Baginski and Orit Shamir 19

Reviews 21

Textile Society of America Symposium by Elizabeth Wincott Heckett 21

Focus on Textile Conservation by Elizabeth E. Peacock 22

Early Textiles Study Group by Felicity Wild 25

Keriya by John Peter Wild 25

Notes and Queries 26

A Bowl from Acre: A Spinning Woman by Avigail Sheffer 26

Source Materials 27

Recent Publications 27

News in Brief 28

Tutankhamun’s Wardrobe 28

La Laine au Proche Orient 28

Clothed Body in the Ancient World 29

Textile Society of America 8th Symposium 29

New Light en Scandinavian Dress based on Iconographic Material from

the Late Iron Age 29

International Collection of Textile Remains Donated to the Textile

Conservation Centre, Winchester 29


Number 33

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Fibres in Iron Age Textiles from the Durrnberg, Austria by Michael L. Ryder 2

Nadelbindung - Experimente im Museumsdorf Duppel by Gudrun Bottcher 5

Mittelalterliche Webstuhlteile und Gewebefunde aus Braunschweig, Niedersachsen

by Eva Jordan-Fahrbach and Klaus Tidow 13

Textilfunde aus Wiesloch, Baden-Wurttemberg by Klaus Tidow 14

Obituary 16

Marta Hoffmann by Anne Kjellberg 16

Reports 17

Berenike 2001 by J. P. and F. C. Wild 17

Quseir al-Qadim 2001 by Fiona J. L. Handley 19

Reviews 21

Textile Project Mons Claudianus: Boras by Marianne Erikson 21

Precolumbian Textiles, Barcelona by Carmen Alfaro Giner 22

Textiles in situ: Their Find Spots in Egypt and Neighbouring Countries

by Felicity Wild 23

Source Materials 25

Recent Publications 25

Bibliography of the Duppel Wool Group 27

Notes and Queries 28

Why peat preserves textiles 28

Loomweights from Mazor, Israel 29

Query: skullcaps 30

News in Brief 30

Textile Tours to Peru 30

N. American Textile Conservation Conference 30

ETSG 2002 30

Number 34

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Predynastic Textiles from Egypt: a Reassessment by Jana Jones 2

The Webbing from Berenike: a Classification by Felicity Wild 9

Low Cost Digital ‘Microscopy’ for Archaeological Textiles Research

by W. D. Cooke and T. J. Jones 16

Verkohlungsversuche zu neolithischen Geweben und Netzen aus

Pfahlbausiedlungen am Bodensee by Annemarie Feldtkeller 20

Reviews 23

Colours in Antiquity by Ulla Viklund 23

The Clothed Body in the Ancient World by Lise Bender Jorgensen 25

Notes and Queries 26

The Spinning Woman from Acre 26

The Anglo-Saxon Laboratory 27

Source Materials 30

Recent Publications 30

Doctoral Theses 30

News in Brief 31


Textilmuseum Neumunster geschlossen 31

ETSG 2002 31

Mediaeval Dyestuffs and Dyeing 31

Dyes in History and Archaeology 32

I Symposium International sobre Textiles y Tintes des Mediterraneo en

Epoca Romana, Ibiza 32

Number 35

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Fabric Width Control and Sett in Warp-weighted Loom Weaving

by W. D. Cooke and Lena Hammarlund 2

Mittelalterliche Textilfunde aus Ladenburg am Neckar by Klaus Tidow 6

The Project Sea-silk by Felicitas Maeder 9

A Preliminary Classification of Shapes of Loomweight used on

the Warp-weighted Loom by Karen-Hanne Starmose Nielsen 11

Reports 14

Textiles from the 2002 Excavation Season at Quseir al-Qadim, Egypt

by Fiona J. L. Handley 14

The Sheep Project by Sebastian Payne 16

Reviews 18

Industry and Commerce in Ancient Italy by Margarita Gleba 18

NESAT VIII, Lodź by John Peter Wild 18

Early Textiles Study Group by Linda Woolley 20

Textile Society of America Symposium by Elizabeth Wincott Heckett 21

Source Materials 22

Recent Publications 22

News in Brief 25

Ancient Textiles, Lund and Copenhagen, 2003 25

North American Textile Conservation Conference, 2003 25

Number 36

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Children’s Clothes from the l6th Century by Hanna Zimmerman 2

Some Additional Remarks Concerning the Magdalensberg Spindle-hooks

with Swisted Shanks By Kordula Gostenčnik 9

Medieval Archaeological Textiles found in Turku. Finland by Heini Kirjavainen 12

Reports 19

The Karanis Textile Project by Jane Batcheller 19

New German-Chinese Textile Conservation Lab in China by Dr. Susanne Greiff 21

Reviews 22

Dyes in History and Archaeology by George Taylor 22

Textile Archaeology in China by Chris Verhecken-Lammens 23

Textiles and Dyes in the Mediterranean Roman World by Ulla Viklund 25

Tissus et Vetements dans l’Antiquite Tardive by Lise Bender Jorgensen 26

Workshop Textiles from the Nile Valley by Dr. Cacilia Fluck 28


Source Materials 29

Recent Publications 29

News in Brief 31

Textile Exhibition at Riva del Garda 31

North American Textile Conservation Conference 2003 31

Query: 12th century textiles 31

Back Page 32

Der Weber, der zuviel verdient hat 32

Number 37

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Einzigartige Funde und Einbauten aus Holz in Grabern von Trossingen

by Dr. Jutta Klug-Treppe 2

Zur Textiluntersuchung an Grab 58 von Trossingen by Christina Peek 7

A Unique Clay Spool from Minoan Crete by Philip P. Betancourt 13

Human Body Lice indicate Historical Age of Clothing by M. L. Ryder 15

Nierenformige Webgewichte by Annemarie Feldtkeller 16

Reviews 19

Great Basin Perishable Industries Symposium by E. A. Jolie and R. B. Burgett 19

4. Restauratoren-Symposium, Trento by Peter Bichler 19

Ancient Textiles, Lund and Copenhagen by Margarita Gleba 21

Notes and Queries 24

Knitting and Netting 24

Source Materials 24

Recent Publications 24

News in Brief 26

Hallstatt Textiles Symposium 2004 26

AHRB Research Centre Conference 2004 26

Early Textiles Study Group 2004 26

ICOM-CC Textiles Working Group 27

Perishable Technology Listserv 27

Wool research material donated to Leeds University 28

Number 38

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Sixteenth-century Children’s Clothing: the Reconstruction of a

Pair of Breeches and a Doublet by Hanna Zimmerman and Jet Douwes 2

Tuniques egyptiennes bouclees sur deux Faces by Roberta Cortopassi 10

Bindings and Three Mats made of Human Hair by Nettie K. Adams 16

Textilfunde aus dem ‘Muhlbergensemble’ in Kempten, Deutschland

by Antoinette Rast-Eicher 21

Three Fragments of Medieval Silver-Brocaded Tabletwoven Bands by Nancy Spies 23

Reports 25

Middle Byzantine Textiles from Armorium, Anatolia by Petra Linscheid 25

Quseir-al-Qadim 2003 by Fiona J. L. Handley 27

Obituary 30

Gertrud Grenander Nyberg by Anita Malmius 30


Source Materials 33

Recent Publications 33

News in Brief 35

Sea-silk Exhibition, Basel 35

Early Textiles Study Group 2004 35

EAA 2004 35

Exhibition at Cluny 35

Textile Research in Slovakia 35

The Stein Textile Project 36

Number 39

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Schwinghebel (?) und Breithalter by Renata Windler 2

Nadelbindung - Koptische Textilien in Basel und Trier by Gudrun Botcher 3

Handicraft Knowledge applied to Archaeological Textiles - Fabric Thickness

and Density by Lena Hammarlund 7

The Use of Pattern Rod Looms in the Roman Period by Alisa Baginski 11

Muschelseide - wie weiter? by Felicitas Maeder 12

L’Ornement funebre de D. Goncalo Pereira by Teresa Alarcao 15

Reports 20

Renewed Archaeological Textile Research in Slovakia by Tereza Belanova 20

Tissus trouves a Elephantine by Roberta Cortopassi 22

Gewebefunde aus der Latrine des Augustiner Klosters in Freiburg im Breisgau/D

by Klaus Tidow 26

Reviews 27

22nd Annual Meeting on Dyes in History and Archaeology by Andre Verhecken 27

Symposium Hallstatt by John Peter Wild 28

Conference of AHRB Research Centre, Winchester by Jane Batcheller 29

EAA conference, Lyon by Elizabeth Wincott Heckett 30

Notes and Queries 31

Mummy Wrappings 31

Source Materials 32

Recent Publications 32

Personal Bibliography: Orit Shamir 32

News in Brief 34

Ancient Textiles at Katoen Natie 34

Workshop of Research Group ‘Textiles from the Nile Valley’ 34

Number 40

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Textiles from Antinoe in the Museum of New Zealand by Rosanne Livingstone 2

Headdress from the Catacomb Culture Grave of the Shakhaevskaya Burial Ground

by Natalia Shishlin, Olga Orfinskaya and Valery Golikov 6

Did the Golden Fleece really exist? by Michael L. Ryder 9

Erste Ergebnisse zum Einsatz der 3D-Computertomographie bei der


Untersuchung archaologischer Textilien

by Dipl. Rest. Britt Nowak-Bock, Christina Peek M.A. and Dr. I. Pfeifer-Schaller 11

Decisions taken in Planning a Replica Artefact by Ruth Gilbert 18

Report 20

Textile Remains on Metal from Bareqet, Israel by Orit Shamir 20

Reviews 21

Early Textiles Study Group by John Peter Wild 21

Symposium of Society for American Archaeology by Lise Bender Jorgensen 21

Workshop ‘Textiles from the Nile Valley’ by Felicity Wild 22

Resources 23

Lehrangebote zur Konservierung von Textilfunden by Andrea Fischer 23

Radiocarbon Dates for Textiles by Antoine de Moor 25

Warp Crossing and Warp Elimination in Tapestry Bands by John Peter Wild 26

Recent Publications 26

News in Brief 29

Centre for Textile Research, Copenhagen 29

EAA Conference, Cork 30

North American Textile Conservation Conference, Mexico City 30

2nd International Symposium on Textiles and Dyes in the Mediterranean

Ancient World, Athens 32

Correction 32

Human Body Lice 32

Number 41

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Unravelling Beni Hasan by Tineke Rooijakkers 2

Handicraft Knowledge applied to Archaeological Textiles

- Visual Groups and the Pentagon by Lena Hammerlund 13

Spatmittelalterliche und fruhneuzeitliche Gewebe by Eva Jordan-Fahrbach 19

Bronze Age Textiles in the Saltmines at Hallstatt by Karina Gromer 20

Die romischen Stoffe aus Mainz by Astrid Bohme-Schonberger and Sylvia Mitschke 22

Report 24

Toolmakers? by Linda Martensson 24

Obituary 25

Elisabeth Grace Crowfoot by Frances Pritchard 25

Elisabeth Crowfoot: an Affectionate Remembrance by Nettie K. Adams 28

Reviews 29

NESAT IX, Braunwald by Martin Ciszuk 29

EAA Conference, Cork by Carol Christiansen 30

Opening of Centre for Textile Research, Copenhagen by Lise Bender Jorgensen 30

Resources 31

Recent Publications 31

Dissertation 31

News in Brief 32

AHRC Conference, Winchester, 2006 32

Early Textiles Study Group 2006 32


Number 42

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Medieval Textile Tools by Heini Kirjavainen 2

Weft-faced Compound Tabby (Taquete) by Chris Verhecken-Lammens 6

Technique du Taquete Tx 2008 by Daniel De Jonghe 12

Neue merowingerzeitliche Textilfunde by Dietliind Hachmeister, M. A. 20

Kappe in Nadelbindungstechnik by Gudrun Bottcher 23

A 6.500-year-old Impression of a Twill Mat by Karina Gromer M. A. 31

Reviews 32

EXAR Conference, Bozen/Bolzano

by Karina Gromer M. A. and Katrin Kania M. A. 32

Textiles and Dyes Symposium, Athens by Felicity Wild 33

AIA Conference, Montreal by Margarita Gleba 34

Resources 34

Recent Publications 35

News in Brief 35

Constantine Exhibition, York 35

Clothing Culture Exhibition, Manchester 35

Textile Workshops, Leiden 36

Early Textiles Study Group 2006 36

Number 43

Editorial by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 1

Features 2

Bronze Age Textile Remains from Lower Saxony

by Sophie Bergerbrant and Anita Malmius ?

Runde Webgewichte aus Sudwestdeutschland by Dr. Uwe Gross ?

The Bog Body from Obenaltendort by Susan Moller-Wiering ?

Monastere de Baouit by Roberta Cortopassi ?

Qasr Ibrim: Study Season 2005 by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild ?

La Decouverte de Coton, Oasis de Kharga

by Fleur Letellier-Willemin and Christophe Moulherat ?

‘A kind of wool is made … from a tree’ by Jana Jones and Ron Oldfield ?

Report 32

Centre for Textile Research, Copenhagen by Margarita Gleba 32

Notes and Queries 35

Mummy Portraiture by Lauren Mcghee ?

Query on a Carolingian Antler Object by Thomas Meier ?

Terminology of Stribes, bands and Checks ?

Review 38

ETSG Conference, Manchester by John Peter Wild 38

Resources 38

Recent Publications 38

Dissertations ?

News in Brief 39

NATCC Conference, 2007 39

Military and Textiles Conference, 2008 ?


Number 44

Editorial by John Peter Wild 1

Features 2

Textile tools from Ficana, Italy by Sanna Lipponen 2

The Funeral Pyre Textile from Vergina, by Giorgianna Moraitou 5

Fulling Wool: Experiments in the Nethrelands, by Roeland Paardekooper 10

Hallstatt Revisited, by Peter Bichler 13

Irrigation and the Spread of Cotton Growing in Roman Times

by John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild 16

Reports 18

Chamber Tomb in Poprad-Matojovce, Slovakia, by Tereza Belanova and Karol Pieta 18

Textiles from Kellis, Egypt, by Rosanne Livingstone 20

Notes and queries 21

Wool Fibre Study of Ancient Textiles, by Karin M. Frei 21

Review 21

Textiles of Verucchio, by Margarita Gleba 21

Resources 22

Recent Publications 22

Personal Bibliography: Carmen Alfaro Giner 25

News in Brief 27

NESAT X, Copenhagen 2008 27

Transfer of ATN to Copenhagen 28

Number 45

Editorial by John Peter Wild 1

Features 2

Textile Remains from Angorilla, Spain by Carmen Alfaro Giner 2

Goldgewebe aus spatromischen Bestattungen bei Koln by Annemarie Stauffer 7

Haarnetz und Stirnband aus einem Frauengrab bei Koln by Gabriele Schrade 11

Sarcophagus Burials from St. Maximin, Trier by Nicole Reifarth 15

The Midgleys of Bolton by Angela P. Thomas 21

“Weaving Clothes to Shape”: corrections by Hero Granger-Taylor 26

Review 35

Textiles and Architecture, Antwerp 35

Resources 36

Recent Publications 36

Conference Proceedings 37

Dissertations 37

NESAT IX: advertisement 38